Chris Brogan, David Alston - TWebinar (#6)

August 15, 2008 by Admin · Leave a Comment 

SocialMedialogy Conversations™ Quotable Quotes from
Chris Brogan & David Alston


"That was the advantage of having Twitter, it helped the event create its own buzz. Every time someone signed up for the TWebinar, if they liked the idea, they would Tweet about it and then someone would say, ‘Well, what is a TWebinar?’ They would check it out and then they would sign up and so on and so forth." (Chris Brogan)

"By basically asking people to get on Twitter and to follow the speakers,to follow each other and to join in and follow the conversation happening on Twitter at the same time as the content, we’d hopefully get people to finally just go for it and get involved in social media." (David Alston)

"We ended up with about 1500 people signing up. So many that we actually had to create two TWebinars back to back." (David Alston)

"It is dramatically different when you feel the thing is really dynamic and you feel it is moving with you. It is definitely a different adrenaline experience to try to run everything live and deal with things as they come up, which was a lot more fun too." (Chris Brogan)

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