Peter Shankman – Help-A-Reporter (HARO) (#13) *

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Peter Shankman’s SocialMedialogy Conversations™ Quotable Quotes

Social Media is the ability to connect with like-minded people.”

Twitter is making people better communicators.”

There is a requirement to stay interesting with visibility that impacts your business.”

The digital divide is much less prevalent than it once was, but a lot of how [we make progress] will depend on who is the next person in the White House.”

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Chris Kieff – Social Media Helped Me Get My Job (#12) *

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Chris Kieff’s SocialMedialogy Conversations™ Quotable Quotes


"I went on to Twitter and I said, ‘I just lost a job opportunity but I think they want me to be a consultant now…’ One of my followers saw my Tweet and said, ‘Chris we’re looking for a social person, would you be interested?’"

"After I lost my job, I jumped on and did all the standard resumes, jumped on all the job sites, and started responding to all the jobs postings that I could find."

"Twitter is just a way for people to communicate with each other and get to know each other a little bit over time, which is the way you that you get to know your casual acquaintances."

"There is certainly an overlap between the people that follow me on Twitter or the people that are connected to me on LinkedIn and Facebook."

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Mari Smith – Facebook Expert (#11) *

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Mari Smith’s SocialMedialogy Conversations™ Quotable Quotes


"I immediately saw Facebook as an opportunity to merge my two worlds combining the relationships and the technology/internet sides."

"Put content on your page that people can’t get anywhere else and create unique discussion groups. This is called stickiness. Once you are clear on your demographics and key words, you can target your market with social ads, and they’re very powerful and inexpensive."

"When you join a group, don’t just go in and plaster your link all over the place. There are certain protocols. Get in and listen to the vibe of the group and start contributing to conversations. Make it a part of your routine a couple of times a week and it will help people get a feel for who you are."

"Job Seekers should use Facebook with Strategic Transparency. When choosing what you are showing, remember you are sending these to your future employer. Would they want to hire you immediately? You are very visible and you never know who sees your profile."

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2 Recruiters – Kathleen Taylor & Ryan Coleman (#8) *

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SocialMedialogy Conversations™ Quotable Quotes from
Kathleen Taylor and Ryan Coleman


"Social Media radically changed my business. (Kathleen Taylor)"

"Social Media became a part of who I am and what I’m about. (Ryan Coleman)"

"A social media profile is a window into who you are and what makes you tick. (Ryan Coleman)"

"You’re doing a great disservice to yourself by not having that kind of presence online. (Kathleen Taylor)"

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