ColonelTribune - Bill Adee & Daniel Honigman (#7)

August 19, 2008 by Admin 

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Bill Adee & Daniel Honigman


"The Colonel is sorry he could not make the call himself — he actually enjoys being in the space and seeing what people are actually talking about and the Colonel, because he does have such a strong presence, is able to make a splash where he goes. Let’s just say the Colonel gets it." (Daniel Honigman)

"Social media can do a lot of things and I think some I suspected and some I found out more about as the project went on." (Bill Adee)

"If you are genuine and you keep that in mind with whatever you are doing, then I think the potential is there for social media to be powerful." (Daniel Honigman)

"Technology is technology is technology but people are ultimately the ones that make it work." (Bill Adee)


"The Colonel looking out for his friends." (Bill Adee)

"What Twitter does is allow you in real-time or pretty close to real time to communicate with people that you care about and make new friends. Twitter is very cool." (Daniel Honigman)

"You may be friends with someone on Facebook and …you may be connected to them on LinkedIn but then for a day to day conversation you may talk to them on Twitter. There are layers of social media, like a cake, I think." (Daniel Honigman)

"It is really interesting to see how people choose to reach out to the Colonel. Last week, we got a news tip from somebody who is friends with the Colonel…he saw a whole bunch of people running out of the building, and he wanted to know what was going on." (Daniel Honigman)

Bill Adee & Daniel Honigman - ColonelTribune
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